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This recipe deserves a story, but there’s not that much to say about it. It’s whiskey. It’s simple. It’s healthy(ish). It’s childhood. It’s adult. It’s addicting. It’s kind of like Matthew and me – two extremes brought together.

What I will tell you is to be smarter than we are if you’re bringing these to a kid-friendly party. Having no children of our own, we lack the parental filter that prevents us from doing stupid things in front of other people’s kids on occasion. So, we brought these to a party and were tasked with telling seven little kids that they couldn’t eat ants on a log. Do us a favor and bring a few virgin ones on a separate plate.

This is as uncomplicated as it gets. The only step other than assembly is warming up the raisins in whiskey to fully absorb the flavor.

Drunk Ants on a Log
{gluten-free, vegan}

Serves as many as you make

peanut butter

Grab a handful of raisins and throw into a small sauce pot. Add enough whiskey to barely cover the raisins. Simmer over low heat until the whiskey is absorbed, then remove from heat to let cool. The raisins will plump up quite a bit.

Assembly time! Shave the outside of the celery with a vegetable peeler to remove the stringy pieces that get stuck in your teeth. Cut on the bias and fill with peanut butter, then top with raisins.