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Last year we only got a handful of tomatoes from our garden. A cool spring and late planting led to a disappointing crop. We fought over the one green zebra we got last August.  

So we overcompensated this year. We doubled the number of tomato plants in our garden and have a full CSA share coming each week. We have tomatoes piled on our countertops and ripening on the vine, waiting to be picked.


I learned to snack on tomatoes fresh from the garden with a little salt from my mom. This is great for say, three days. But there’s no way to keep up with a bumper crop like this year and before you know it, you have more than you know what to do with.

This year, I decided to make the quickest, easiest and most versatile thing I could: marinated tomatoes. These are best when they have a few hours to sit at room temperature so the salt draws out the liquid.  Through this quick marinating, the tomatoes go through a special process just like your favorite salsas and like Italy’s famous tomato sauces! In short, the flavors have a chance to develop.

The applications have been endless in our kitchen. I love this over anything grilled! We’ve used it as a topping on steak,  zucchini and grilled bread. We just served the tomatoes over grilled chicken on Sunday night for a dinner with friends. 


Again, I did not measure ingredients. This seems to be the theme in summer when the ingredients are so fresh they don’t need to be manipulated and the weather is too nice to spend a whole night in the kitchen.

Marinated Tomatoes
{gluten-free, raw, vegan}

Serves: As much as you make

Fresh basil
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Get some tomatoes! Get every color for an amazing visual.

Cutting them up is the hardest part. I like to quarter them and squeeze out some seeds, then chop them up. Add salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Use this dish as an excuse to use your best olive oil. I toss in torn basil as a fresh addition. Let this sit out for a few hours at room temp before serving.