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My transition to fall used to be marked by sweaters and pumpkin lattes, but the past few years have been all about corn soup. There’s something about using the best of the late summer sweet corn and making it into a warming soup, just as the temperature starts to drop.

This recipe also happens to be one that a cute chef scribbled down for me when I told him I liked his soup. It may or may not have ended up in a scrapbook I made for him a year later. See it snuck in there? Awww…


Best of all, the recipe is simple – all it takes is a bit of free time and the freshest sweet corn you can find. It’s the perfect soup to make on a lazy Sunday after a trip to the farmer’s market.

Feel free to garnish with whatever you wish, but we’ve found that a combination of something fatty (drizzle of olive oil, roughly chopped pistachios) with something sharp or sweet (shaved parmesan, drizzle of aged balsamic) works best. Buttered popcorn does the trick for me!


Vegan Corn Soup
{gluten-free, vegan}

Makes about 1 quart

6 ears of sweet corn
1 onion, diced
1 quart of water
2 ounces of olive oil
Salt to taste

First, make corn stock. After cutting the kernels from the cob and setting them aside, submerge the cobs in one quart of water in a stock pot and boil the hell out of it for 30 minutes. Strain and reserve the corn stock. Toss the cobs.
At this point you’ll want to measure the amount of corn stock and the amount of corn kernels. You want to use roughly a 1:1 ratio for the next amount. If you have extra stock, only use what you need.

Sweat the onion in the olive oil. Add corn kernels and sweat, stirring occasionally. Now slowly add the reserved corn stock. When the kernels are soft and fully cooked, add everything to a blender and puree thoroughly. Strain through a fine mesh strainer for a super smooth texture.

For non-vegans, you can add even more flavor by sweating the onions in leftover bacon fat and butter!